Abu Garcia Black Max

Abu Garcia black max is designed with revolutionary performance in a compact and lightweight design. It provides a sleek retrieve 5-bearing system with durability to stand up to max limits of hardcore fishing. It graphite frame and body, combined with a compact curved handle and a drag star to provide a more ergonomic feel for every day fishing sessions. The outcome is reliability and proven value that fishermen expect from this series.

Outstanding features of Abu Garcia Black Max

The design is user-friendly: Because of their heavy-duty construction, they don’t contribute to fishermen nightmare like most strong reels. In fact, the black max is extremely practical and very easy to use. Because of its ergonomic design, you can just focus on the cast and the retrieval without being distracted by other stuff. Generally, these reels are relatively lightweight. At least your arm and wrist will not be tired either when pulling the big fishes or when fishing for long periods.

It has a Comfortable grip: these reels come with excellent and comfortable grips. Even in rainy or wet situations when your hands are covered in mud, the handle does not fail to provide a secure hold over the reel. We only have such handles on some of the most expensive reels in the market.

The Reels has great durability: the construction quality is superb, it is designed for durability. The black max reels are not only fairly smooth, but the reel also drags in those hefty bass fishes very easily. At times it seems it was made for this purpose. Its body is made of graphite and it’s a one-piece design reel that does not weigh heavy, but still retains some serious strength. Because it’s very strong, sturdy and constantly gives smooth performances, black max reel is a favorite among bass fishermen.


Abu Garcia Black Max Reels are affordable: Both the spinning and baitcasting of Abu Garcia Black Max Reels come with a price tag that fit almost all fishermen budgets without affecting their finances for the month. With its sturdy construction, this reel can perfectly withstand any types of abuse that a novice angler can subject it to, and it offers memorable performances for experienced fishermen.

In conclusion, Abu Garcia Black Max Reels are excellent and the buyer’s reviews are mostly 5 stars rating. So, if you are on a budget, you will find it hard to beat the Black Max. However, for most fishermen I know, Abu Garcia Black Max would be the right addition if you want to add a few more reels to your fishing gear.

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