Best Lures for Bass

If you are used to bass fishing, you will agree with me that to determining the best bass fishing lures is not easy. Several arguments have been made on this topic while standing on the shores of Clear Lake, sometimes the selection process is based on a guess; however, there are certain lures that have proven to work more consistently than others.

Successful bass fishermen choose lures according to the current fishing conditions and are always ready to change when conditions change. But what lures do they tie on, and why? We have compiled the 5 best bass lures that tackle almost all bass fishing scenarios you may come across. The following are the list of the best fishing lures that have been successful on any water body, all year long. If you are building your supplies from this list, you can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what the lake has to offer, you will be ready. Although these are not the only options available, they are some of the best bass lures on the market as far as effectiveness is concerned. So without further ado, let take a look at the following best  lures for bass

Rapala Rattlin

rapala ratlin
rapala ratlin

Rapala Rattlin is one of the best lures for bass. From the name, you can tell that these lures produce a clattering sound in the water which in turn attracts bass attention. The truth is that they are a bit louder with their rattling than other lures that rattle.  But instead of this sound scaring the fish, it attracts them. This lure has sound that are uniform, harmonic and in harmony with nature. The mystery of this rattle combined with the well-known Rapala vibration make this lure very effective.

One reason you will never miss this lure in experienced fishermen tackle bag is the material used in making it. While its sound is high, it is designed to look natural and attractive to bass. In addition, you can choose to fish it slow or fast depending on where the fish are – in both cases, it sounds like a dinner bell to bass. This makes it ideal for use in different situations. The only snag with this lure is that it doesn’t jig much and is a bit expensive.

The following are what make Rapala rattlin the Best Lure for Bass

  • It is available in seven different types
  • The Wobbling make it look natural
  • It has a Sharp and strong hooks
  • It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater
  • It’s very strong and durable

BiCO Lead-Free Bass Jigs

BiCo Jig
BiCo Jig

Bico Jigs are among the best lures for bass, it can be fished as a swim jig or as a flipping jig. It can smoothly slip through all kinds of weed; and it comes with a stiffer and longer weed guard than most other jig, which makes them more weedless.  Bico jig heads are made with strong paint that will not peel off in large pieces as in most jigs. The jigs are lead-free, so they are environmentally safe as required in some states.

This is not a seasonal lure, as it is common nowadays with most lures, you always see a line that states the best season to use the lure, but you won’t find that with BICO as you can use it throughout the year. This lure is indeed a great addition to your fishing bag and therefore to your fishing basket. Because of it moves, you can be sure to stir up every bass from of their hiding places and land them in your boat.

It comes with many multi-colored sleeves that ripple in the water and does nothing than attracting the fish. In addition, the lead head works very well without additional weight, and the bait will always sit erect on the riverbed. This means that you can cast not just far but also deep, this makes BICO jigs one of the best bass lures of all time. The only drawback with this lure is that it’s a little too stiff, and it requires experience to operate.

The following are what make BiCO Jigs the Best Lure for Bass

  • It’s ideal for use all year round
  • Its features sleeves that make it produce ripples in the water
  • It comes with sharp, strong and wide hooks
  • It is designed to attract bass
  • Strong and quality construction

Storm WildEye Swim Shad

Storm WildEye Swim Shad
Storm WildEye Swim Shad

These swim shad baits are tough, yet with a soft outer body that looks so natural that you might be tempted to take a bite off it. This sturdy bait features a sharp hook formed into the lead head with a soft plastic body shaped around the head unit. The soft plastic makes the tail kick actively, which attract bass to get a bite. These baits are very effective for all types of gamefish both in saltwater and freshwater. And they are heavy enough to cast long distance and swim deep.

The good thing about these lures is that you can use it both in salt water and in fresh water. It is one of the best bass lures that mimic a live small fish. For bass, this is the food they can’t miss and for the fisherman, this is an opportunity to go home with a full basket. Everything about this lure is designed to look like a live small fish.

In addition, it jiggles in the water to create ripples and record its presence in the water for bass recognition. This bait has big eyes that reflect sunlight and make it easy to be detected by the fish. These baits make fishing easier with it low cost, many sizes and colors. Once the lure is in the water, play with the action to attract much fish and keep catching one at a time. The only drawback associated with this lure is that big fish can damage the lure and it’s not easy to create action in the water.

The following are what make Storm WildEye Swim Shad the Best Lure for Bass

  • It is designed to mimic live fish
  • It has a 3d eyes reflect light
  • It comes in seven different types
  • It cast both far and deep
  • Reasonable price
  • It is available in various colors
  • • It has a strong and sharp hook

Yamamoto Senko Bait

Yamamoto Senko Bait
Yamamoto Senko Bait

This lure has redefined the sport of fishing over the last few years. Thanks to its wide choice of uses and natural action, this lure quickly became a favorite lure of almost all fishermen around the world. You might be far from this planet if you have not heard of this bait before. But not to worry, it’s never too late to join the fish catching crusade that Gary Yamamoto Senko has created ever since his invention. Because of the simplicity of its design, this bait is produced for all fishermen. You just need to cast it out and let the bait work its magic and catch the fish.

Yamamoto Senko has been considered today as one of the most effective and simplest lures for landing bass, but some fishermen tend to overdo it with the bait regardless of its simplicity. They reduce the effectiveness of this bait by matching it with equipment that is very heavy or by working the lure very fast.  Yamamoto Senko lure is one of the best bass lures ever produced. The lure is simply appealing to fish and has been confirmed to work constantly. This is the best lure used by bass fishermen around the world.

The following are what make Yamamoto Senko Bait the Best Lure for Bass

  • This lure is amazing for weed-less Carolina Rigging, as well as Texas Rigging
  • The fall rate it produced from the large quantity of salt impregnated in the body drives bass crazy
  • When rigged weightless, it falls horizontally
  • Yamamoto Senko is ideal for wacky rigging
  • subtle natural action

Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait

Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait
Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait

This is very effective soft bait for fussy bass. This lure is designed with ElaZtech material, which makes it more durable and buoyant than other worms in the market. The salt impregnated worm produces a unique floating movement in the water that entices bass to take a big bite! This bait is impregnated with salt to get the most attractive fall pace for the hungry bass. It comes in thirteen colors, including blue fleck, candy craw and oxblood, each adapted to different conditions and seasons.

Strike King’s are the softest and the saltiest plastic ever produced. It has the special Strike King functions. It contains the world’s best mixture of soft plastic ingredients. This allows the use of large amounts of salt and at the same time maintaining a soft, supple and friable taste. Coffee is included as it covers the human odor and causes bites and longer hold times, which increase it fish catching opportunity.

The following are what make Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait the Best Bass Lures

  • They are produced from ElaZtech material
  • It has more buoyant action
  • It contains about 10 quantities each pack
  • Incredible durability
  • It is Softer than a plastic
  • It is salt impregnated

Terminator Walking Frog Bait

Terminator Walking Frog Bait
Terminator Walking Frog Bait

This lure is designed from tip to tail to transform blow-ups into hookups, and it works even better than it looks. It has great walking action that combines with rubber legs to give maximum surface disruption. Its trapezoidal tail weight boost stability and casting distance on the retrieve, and it is positioned to avoid the hook way. The additional-soft body easily compresses to enable easy hookups, and it also has a drainage system that gets rid of water between casts and removes water-logging.

The Terminator Walking Frog is fitted with a sturdy VMC double hook to facilitate the best possible strike to hook up the ratio, and the body is designed to easily compress. Equipped with round rubber leg, this lure provides all the action, details, and functionality to entice large fish around the thickest cover. The following are some of the great features that make this lure one of the favorites.

The following are some of the great features that make this lure one of the best for bass fishing

  • Great "walking frog" action
  • The weight of the tail increases the casting distance
  • Designed for use in both heavy cover and in open water
  • Custom VMC dual hook for reliable hook sets

Terminator Pro'S Jig 1/2 Pbj

Terminator Pro'S Jig 1/2 Pbj
Terminator Pro'S Jig 1/2 Pbj

These jigs have a unique head, specially designed to pierce cover, also a perfect nylon weedguard to guard against snags, without inhibiting hooksets. The stainless steel line guard holds all the soft plastic trailers tightly in place so it doesn’t skid down the hooks shank, the rattles and the best banded silicone skirt offer extra fish attraction. Terminator Pro jigs features a multifaceted design that is ideal for pitching, flipping and more.  Each of the jigs is equipped with half skirt that boosts the bug-like form in the water alongside a color-matched weed guard that avoids snags in heavy cover fishing. Terminator Pro’S Jig is not only my favorite because it catches fish but because of its impressive design and construction. 

The following are some of the great features of Terminator Pro'S jig

  • Single rattle
  • Color-matched brush guard and Custom jig skirt colors
  • Heavy VMC Black Nickel hook

How to choose the best lures for bass - Buying Guide

We have developed a brief guide that may answer to the requirements and specifications of expert and novice fishermen. Keep in mind your choices and the species of fish you are targeting has a lot to do in terms of knowing what lure to use for bass.

  • User skill: Regardless of the cost of the lure, both the beginner and the novice fisherman need to consider some certain factors, such as the weather and water conditions that require the best lure for smallmouth bass or the largemouth bass.
  • Quality and price: as with other items, you may be curious in purchasing them throughout your lifetime, so the price can make a difference on the issue of the high quality lure and the way it works. A lot of people choose classic lures, for instance, crankbait, but the potential buyer must examine more closely the product and it appearance.
  • Water depth and conditions: if you intend to fish the wooden deck or even in any other area where the lure may encounter many obstacles, you should put your mind on getting the ideal lipless crankbaits. They also produce great results when used in very shallow waters. Mild-diving crankbaits are an excellent choice for targeting bass in the range of 5 to 10 feet, while you must use the deep diving crankbaits in 12 feet of water or more.


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