Best Largemouth Bass Lures

Best Largemouth Bass Lures

Fishing is an amazing hobby and hunting largemouth bass makes it more thrilling as they are interesting and fairly easy to fish. Largemouth bass is found in several bodies of water, from small ponds to natural lakes and other bodies of water. If you are a fishing enthusiast, it is important to learn how to fish for largemouth bass. These fish species are regarded as one of the best catches when it comes to different kinds of fish that can be caught. One of the things to consider when you want to explore bass fishing is to find out the best largemouth bass lures.

Largemouth Bass belongs to the group of ‘micropterus psalmodies’ and are widely known by different types of names, such as wide-mouth bass, black bass, and big mouth whatever the name you choose to address this fish, largemouth bass is a subject of interest to anyone who likes to study different types of living creatures. This is the Bass is the state fish of Georgia, Alabama, Florida Mississippi, and Tennessee. They are generally seen in abundance in places like Great Lakes, St.Lawrence, Hudson Bay and Mississippi basins. Largemouth Bass body color resembles emerald color which can also be term as an olive color and this makes the physical shape a bit interesting.

The choice is endless when it comes to largemouth bass lures, and in this article, we will discuss some of the available choices. Although these are not the only choice, they are the most popular choice and most especially the most effective in the market. And as a bass fisherman, if you don’t have any of this lure currently in your tackle box, I will recommend you to add them to your collection. The different lure works well in different fishing conditions, some types of lures can only be used in climate weather conditions, while others only work in a specific type of water condition, for example, freshwater. For these same reasons, there is no complete list of things that one should look for when purchasing largemouth bass lures. The following are the best largemouth bass lures:

Booyah Pond Magic

Booyah Pond Magic

This is an exceptional bait series; the maker is expert in blade and color combinations that have been hand-picked to go with the forage base of lesser waters.  This lure is small size but surely not short of features. It has counter-rotated blades that offer exceptional stability and a sound unique enough to attract the attention of even the most cautious bass. The blades are gold-plated to increase the flash and generate enthusiastic bites. The triangular body head is specially designed with ultra-realistic scales and eyes. Its streamlined profile quickly cuts through the thick cover. The following are what stand this lure out.

The following are what stand this lure out

Pradco BOOYAH Counter Largemouth Bass Lure

Pradco BOOYAH Counter Largemouth Bass Lure

This is an ideal surface lure for shallow flats, with similar designed lines to a conventional spinnerbait. It comes with counter-rotated blades that offer excellent stability and a sound unique enough to attract the attention of the most pressured bass. Pradco BOOYAH is a unique spinnerbait that comes in four different color selections and also in a range of different sizes. The lure blades will rotate, which will be able to give the lure stability and produce a distinct sound that can attract big bass.

The following are some great features that make these lure bass fishermen favorite

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

This is from a company that has been known to produce one of the best bass fishing lures. It comes in a large variety of colors and sizes that will entice a large variety of fish, including bass. The clear lip helps the lure wander intermittently through the water between three to six feet deep. Strike King Finesse KVD is designed to target the large bass that is usually found in deep waters. The secret to being able to quickly carve through water is a unique curved bill. 

The following are what makes this bass lure a memorable

Terminator Pro's Jig Largemouth Bass Lure

Terminator Pro'S Jig 1/2 Pbj

This can be used in different ways to successfully catch fish in almost any condition. Even though the lure works perfectly in open water, it is mainly suitable for pitching, flipping or casting in and around the thick cover thanks to the integrated nylon brush guard and its unique head design. They both work together to prevent snags and reduce the possibility of cutting your tackle loose.

Terminator Pro’s Jig is a great lure that has confirmed to be a very effective bass jig. It works very well whether you are pitching, flipping or casting in around cover. It is available in many different skirt color pattern and has a heavy black nickel hook with a single rattle.
Check out this post for more great jigs for bass.

The following features are what make this lure one of the best for bass

Zoom Bait Baby Largemouth Bass Lure

Zoom Bait Baby Largemouth Bass Lure

Choose this lure when you find it difficult to decide between a crawler, plastic worm, and lizard imitator. This bait borrows elements from all three types of lures to attract hungry bass and deliver results in almost any situation. It is good for flipping and pitching and can be rigged in any situation depending on whether you want to suspend the bait in the strike zone area or send it pitching for large bass.

If you need a lure with a large range of different color selection, then Zoom Bait Baby Brush is the right lure for you as they are about 41 different selections available. It is a very versatile lure that can be used in several different weights and is filled with salt for an extra-long hold

The following are what make this bass lure stand out

Rapala Rattlin Largemouth Bass Lure

rapala ratlin

This is the perfect lure for fishing bass around shallow vegetation; they are mainly useful in spring and fall. Rapala Rattlin is a category winner, having been tank-tested and hand-tuned for flawless out of the box functionality. It is negatively buoyant and offers great functionality. You can control the speed at which it sinks by running it slow or ripping it fast – either way, the fish will be attracted to the lure wobbling action.

With rattling lure, Rapala has created one of the best-rated bass lures on the market. It will be able to attract those bass with the vibrations that will make while it travels through the water. It works perfectly with fast and slow retrieving rates and its balanced design makes it is ideal for long-lasting

The following features make it the perfect lure for the largemouth bass

Livetarget Hollow Body Largemouth Bass Lure

Livetarget Hollow Body Largemouth Bass Lure

This is another effective bass lure and one that is highly rated. They have an amazing level of detail with a great chance of tricking bass to take a bite. The lure soft body structure reveals sharp hooks that ensure your fish stays in line. For the fun and excitement of seeing bass strike violently through the surface, select the high-quality lures like LIVE TARGET Hollow Body Frog.

Its amazingly detailed color patterns and accurate framework help trick the canniest fish, and the silicon streamers produce vibrations by displacing water during the retrieve. The lure’s main attraction is its ingenious hollow body design that collapses when bass strike to reveal the custom double hooks attached to both sides, it sinks immediately to give you the best hook-up ratio. This design has a double objective because it is naturally without weed. You may cast around the lily pads and grass that make up a live frog’s natural habitat for a live frog without fright of fouling.

The following are what makes this largemouth bass a memorable lure

The important things to consider when buying Largemouth Bass Lure

Type: The kind of lure you use is very important, it depends on some aspects such as where, when and how you want to fish it. The kind of jigs that can be used all year round is a popular choice with many due to their high success rate. Baits with spoon or blade can be very effective in cold water because they float and sink slowly. The topwater lures are ideal for those who want to be able to fish near the shore and also the best when the bass are aggressive after sunrise and just before sunset. Jerkbaits and Crankbaits can be a big fun when pulling through water and may be used in different depths and speeds depending on their shape and size.

Material: The lure materials are another important thing to consider when choosing a bass lure. If you are looking for a deep lure, you will probably use a metal lure that can be left to sink or dragged across the bottom. The solid plastic lure is ideal for medium depth fishing as they are denser while soft plastic lures are frequently used for under surface. The weights can be attach to lighter materials to sink them if you want to make a rig, and topwater lures apparently sit on the top surface and can float.

Size: The lure size is important in choosing the kind of bass you want to fish. It is true that the bigger the bait, the larger the fish it will attract. But it is not only about just casting the biggest bait on the water if you want to catch trophy fish. You need to know your fishing environment and also have the right reel and rod that is able to support the need to know your environment. If the baitfish in an area is small, then bass could probably be scared off by big lure. So, it is important to know how big the bass is in the area, including knowing the right size of their prey.

Weight: Weight and size go hand in hand, and they play a major role when choosing the best largemouth bass lure. If you use a larger lure, it is probably going to be heavier and able to sink deeper to where the big bass could be feeding. You also need to know the setting weight on your line for other kinds of lure that require a specific action to ensure it is not obstructed by the line sitting on the water.

Colour: lures come in a multitude of different colors, and they are not as important as some seem to be. However, there is very little basic knowledge that can be good to knows. The bright lure is usually preferred, particularly in murkier waters where visibility is poor. If visibility is high, using natural colors near the surface may be the best possible. As you go further down the water, all the colors start to fade with purple being the last to disappear. Red might be a good lure to use in deep water because it will give off similar contrast as blood.

In conclusion, however, you should also keep in mind that the efficiency of your lures may depend on its feature and how it is effectively used. Don’t let lure do it all for you. You have to decide what type of lure is best for a certain time and under certain circumstances, and of course, the practice of using them can play a huge role in making it effective and making you passionate about catching bass.

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