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can you eat muskie
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Can You Eat Muskie?

Can You Eat Muskie? To answer this question, let’s begin with a short explanation of this amazing creature. Muskie is a species of freshwater fish

Fisherman vs Girlfreind
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Fisherman Vs Girlfriend

Fisherman Vs Girlfriend How many times have you wonderd if you can stop someone tied to your fishing gear? Well, Briggsy Youtube channel just had

Best Salmon Fillet knives

Best Salmon Fillet Knives

Best Salmon Fillet Knives The right fillet knife is a very important tool when it comes to fishing; it is also essential in every kitchen.

bass fishing
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Bass Fishing Tips

Bass Fishing Tips When it comes to bass fishing, it seems as bass fishing tip is more common than any other type of fishing tips.

bass on lure
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Best Time to Fish for Bass

Best Time to Fish for Bass For years, I have heard many fishermen talk about their frustration when trying to catch bass. Most fishermen do

fishing at night
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How to Fish at Night

How to Fish at Night Fishermen are constantly looking for a better way to catch more fish. Some of them buy all the new fishing

bass lure
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Basic Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

Basic Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners If you love fishing and enjoy the tranquil experience that comes with fishing, then you perhaps know something about

fishing terms
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Fishing Terms You Need to Know

Fishing Terms You Need to Know In the world of fishing, there are many important terms you should know. Have you ever heard someone tell