Daiwa black gold

Every fisherman needs a reliable fishing reel, and Daiwa is a name now synonymous with reliability, The Company has been producing some of the best fishing gears since the 1950s. The Daiwa Black Gold spinning reels are the only reel that constantly and reliably meets the expectations of the professional fishermen. The reel is equipped with certain features that ensure its reliability and balanced operation. It features a rigid metal frame structure that will not bend under heavy loads. These reels are easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.

Daiwa black gold
Daiwa black gold

Outstanding features of Daiwa Black Gold

Braided line compatible: Daiwa Black Gold reel is also a braided line compatible, due to its great versatility. Plus, the 6 + 1 water-tight ball bearings also offer softness and durability.

The DigiGear system: this fishing reel has digitally cut and a large size gears for strong and close-fitting retrieve on large fish. Some fishermen have reported that the reel is slightly bigger than the other.

Screw-In Handle: The reel used a screw-in handle instead of a thorough handle design. This means that there is no play between the handle arm and the main gear; this creates a very strong feeling when turning the handle.

Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool: the ability to cast is the key and to have a good cast your line must flow on and off the spool consistently. Daiwa is able to achieve smooth line loading with its aluminum spool, all the way up to the edge of the spool lip.

Air Rotor: this air rotor is one of my favorite because it looks to make for a more balanced reel as it distributes the pressure on the whole reel. It does all this and still remains about 15% lighter than a typical rotor design.

The Carbon ATD Drag System: This drag system consists of  series of cross-cut carbon fiber washers that provides a smooth drag from the moment you adjust the hook all the way back to the boat or shore. What I really like about ATD is that it has none of the jerky motion that is common in less costly reels.

The Pros

  • It is smooth as silk
  • It has hard-anodized body
  • It has great drag

The Cons

  • It is heavy-weight
  • The body is anodized but the spool is painted.

This is a powerful reel and its price is reasonable. Black gold is a perfect choice for nearshore or offshore fishing with freshwater fishing. Daiwa is a trusted name for innovation and quality. This reel line has been tried and trusted for years, so get one of this newly improved Black Gold reels and you will not be disappointed.

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