Daiwa Steez

This is one of the best Daiwa fishing reels. This reel was unveiled in 2013 with its innovative Stress-Free technology that promises lesser backlash and longer cast. Steez SV is designed with magnesium alloy. While this produces a lightweight body, it loses the corrosion resistance that makes it suitable for freshwater uses only. The reel body is very strong and durable. It also comes in an attractive gunmetal color and amazing gold spool.

Daiwa Steez
Daiwa Steez

Outstanding Features of Daiwa Steez

The Steez SV Spool
 The initial ideas about SV Spool are that it is a shallow and light spool which can contribute to its amazing casting abilities. Additionally, the spool inductor requires a much lesser power to be extended and can be extended with a radial instead of vertical force as relating to other Daiwa reels. The lighter spool and its latest spool inductor can lead to smaller inertia and a more effective magnetic force, resulting in better application of magnetic breaks. Something I find very useful on this spool is the presence of a slit in the middle of the spool, which helps prevent any initial slippage of the line during the initial spooling of the reel.

Drag System
This reel offers you a smooth consistent drag when battling fish. The Steez SV follows its precursors by using several carbon and metal drag discs (about 7 in total, including 2 carbon) compared to other reels that use a single carbon disc. The reel drag is smooth and constantly ensures your precious catch does not throw the hook.

This is a well-constructed reel with 12 ball bearings to improve the smoothness of your reel when retrieving. The retrieve is very easy and you don’t feel any gear movement while winding. It’s certainly one of the smoothest reels in the market. Because of its high quality and precise production, it feels very refined and tight. The gears have no free-play or horizontal allowances, which make the reel very sensitive. In addition to its solid magnesium body, all vibrations on the line are improved and magnified through the reel to the knob handles, and you can perfectly feel the terrain of the lake while using any divers or softbaits.

So, if you don’t mind spending extra money to buy Daiwa’s flagship reel, this is one reel that will stay on your rods for a very long time. The joy of an endless casting and the smoothness of its drag and retrieve will make you realize that your money has been well spent.

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