How to Fish at Night

Fishermen are constantly looking for a better way to catch more fish. Some of them buy all the new fishing lures they see, hoping it becomes the next hot lure. Other fishermen study the movements of fish throughout the fishing season and try to predict their next location. Some fishermen have even gone to the extent of fishing at night, hoping to catch more fish. Now, this may sound absurd at first, however, it is a practical way to catch fish, especially the most active species at night, like the walleye.

fisherman at night

Even though nightfall comes with its own problems, the darkness that creeps over a desolate beach can be strange, and sometimes you can feel isolated, even as the beach itself can be a dangerous place for the unwary. Fishermen tend to band together and the most productive night fishing spots are quite crowded, particularly on weekends. Therefore, if you are nervous at night, there are many places where you can fish in a group; this includes well-lit promenades and piers.

But if you are fearless, then the night offers many fishing opportunities to get your bait and hooks near the largest fish. Fishing with a friend is considered safer and more reasonable, especially if you are adventurous and fish the most isolated and dangerous spots.

Night fishing comes with a mix of sounds from frogs, bugs and small animals. As it cools, large fish will begin coming to the shallow waters. This is the right time to catch those big fish that always seems to get away. Nightfall is the perfect time to catch large catfish. When you position your lantern on the shoreline, insects will be attracted by the lights as well as fish. Small baitfish will come toward the light and the big fish will also be there to feed on them. This is one reason you should use live bait like minnows.

Apparently, it is important to get familiar with the area you will be fishing very well. This is logical because you will be fishing all around in the dark. Go to the area early and determine where you will fish. Look around. Are there any big rocks you can trip over, holes you could trip over and twist your ankle or stuffs you could fall on and injure yourself? If there are such things, make a good mental note of such items. If such are too many, it might be okay to just fish elsewhere.


Before you hit the water, plan what you will take with you, it is needless to worry much about fishing lures and other fishing gear as what works during the day will as well work at night. Instead, concentrate on other few things you are bringing to fish in the night. You should have two lights. You can carry one in your hand or stand on the ground and another can be a clip on the edge of your hat. While fishing at night, do it safely and do not fish alone. Always bring a companion.

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