How to Start Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is one of the most relaxing water sport enjoyed by people of all age around the world. This kind of fishing gives you the chance to get out on the water on your own or with some friends and go wherever you want at whatever speed you like. In this article, I will explain how to start kayak fishing.

Before we proceed, let take a brief look at what kayak fishing is all about. The first kayak was built from wooden frames cover in sealskin. With a small hole in the middle craft for a paddler to sit in and was mainly used for hunting. These first kayaks really varied in design from one region to another. Because of its significant improvements in material technology and manufacturing capabilities, a lot of recreational kayaks are made from plastic materials, like carbon fiber or fiberglass.

There are two major types of kayaks: ‘Sit on Top’ (SOT) and ‘Sit Inside’ (SINK). With a sit on top kayak, the hull is sealed and the paddler can only sit or stand on top. Whereas in a sit inside kayak, the paddler sits in the cockpit with both legs under the deck. For fishing in the sea, SOT kayaks are mostly preferred by anglers and are the most common because they allow the paddler to get in and out of the water easily. They are generally more stable and wider than the usual sit inside kayak. They require less training and are easily rigged for fishing.

Fishing kayak is not as expensive as you would expect.  You can get a fishing kayak as little least $300 or as much as $2,000, it’s up to you. If you are planning on coarse fishing, you only need a lightweight budget kayak. Most of the kayaks come with seat and paddle, so you only have to buy a buoyancy aid and anchor. And you will finally need to take it to your location. Most fishermen use a roof rack with strapping to hook it down.

fishing kayak

Choosing the right Kayak

When buying fishing kayaks, it is advisable to try before you buy. You can visit several stores and rent different type of kayak to compare the models. The reason is that what looks good in a picture may not be the best fit for you. Your choice will depend on distances you want to cover, the number of equipment you need and the conditions you will be fishing in. Choose the one that has the ideal blend of stability, the deck layout, and speed. Keep in mind that wider beams give you more stability, and longer kayaks are faster.

The best advice for beginners when it comes to fishing tackle is to start simple. You can use fishing lures or a baited hook to catch fish, and the fishing method varies depending on the one you choose. When fishing with baited hooks, you usually need to drop your hook and allow it to sink to the bottom and wait for the fish to bite. This is a quiet way of fishing and it requires a lot of patience. For this type of fishing you will need:

  • A proper boat reel with line.
  • A short, lightweight fishing rod or a kayak rod
  • A trace or rig device (this is the length of the line that includes hooks)
  • Some bait (lugworm, mackerel, squid, etc.)
  • A weight
fishing kayak

You will need at least one rod for kayak fishing; 7-foot rods are perfect because you can keep them in a hatch when you land, and they can be worked around the tip of the bow. So it better to get something you can afford to lose.

Although flipping is unlikely, in case of eventuality, you need a leashes for your rods and other equipment, these will allow you recover them. You should dress properly to be able to withstand a sudden change in weather.

A beginner kayak fisherman does not require many items to start with. A rod, a knife, a couple of dykes and some artificial bait with a terminal tackle will be okay. It is always advisable to start on a day that has a good weather forecast. Early in the morning is usually the best time to go kayaking, although this again depends on the wind, the moon phase, and the tide. Drop some bait down the bottom and don’t forget to try different spots. If there is no success, you can try artificial lures like poppers or chrome spoons.

Kayak fishing is a great sport to enjoy with friends and family. It is possible to buy a fishing kayak for people of all ages. There are kayaks specially designed for children and many light kayaks for young adults and women that are much easier to maneuver than the heavier kayaks. If you are not confident enough to be kayaking around lakes and oceans on your own, then why not try one of the tandem kayaks available.

These will allow you to fish with your close friend or partner and offer you a unique and enjoyable experience. Everyone who tries kayak fishing loves the sports, there’s nothing like getting out on the water with a love one, a friend or a family member and being in nature. Kayak fishing is very peaceful and quiet because there are no loud noises from the boat’s engine or from other people on the boat with you. Kayak fishing experience is the best way to get away from all the strains and stresses of everyday life.

Kayaking with or without fishing is always fun. All you have to do is throw your kayak in the back seat of your vehicle, pack your fishing equipment and your safety jacket, load your binoculars and take off to the nearest river, lake, or ocean.

What make this reel outstanding is it handle, if you are left-handed or right-handed, this reel does not matter because it handle is swappable between the left and the right sides to fit your needs. With other reels like baitcaster, there is no handles swapping, you either buy a dedicated left-hand model or a dedicated right-hand model and that is what you are stuck with. And also spinning reel is a good option for experienced angler looking for versatility, who may wish to fish live bait or use light artificial lures.

fishing kayak
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