Megabass Dark Sleeper

Megabass launched a new swimbaits in 2017, the new Megabass Dark Sleeper was not created to be just a swimbait, but to be a swimbait that can be fished like a jig around rocks and grass. It was designed to target fish holding to bottom structure, with irresistible features and appealing tail movement, with a soft fin that protects the top hook on both sides.

This is amazing bait, the type you will take a second look at when you see it for the first time. Just like most Megabass lures, this lure has great design details, such as a concealed hook inside a high split dorsal fin and some of the best finishes available on a swimbait of such size.

This lure was originally designed to target fish that are holding on to the tight structure. Although the lures are very deadly in this application it will not be enough to only use it on contact fishing. I discovered that this lure is one of the easiest swimbaits to enjoy success with because it is very effective in the entire water column.

One amazing thing about Megabass Dark Sleeper is how deep the bass of all species and sizes eat it. I have caught larger mouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass on a dark sleeper, even bass from one pound to six pounds on it. It also has a soft fin material that is fully molded around the top hook and collapses instantly when fish strikes to ensure a solid hooksets. Its fins guarded hook also helps the lure to penetrate through gnarly covers and other potential snags.

It is made of ultratough, but soft plastic that gives it the capability to endure a terrific amount of abuse, its flexible paddle tail also provides a natural jerking motion – even at slow creeping retrieve paces – when entering and exiting heavy cover to induce strikes from cautious fish. This lure is available in a range of unique airbrushed paintjobs; it is certainly a swimbait that should be in every fishermen arsenal.

Megabass dark sleeper has a low center of gravity and will swim through the plants naturally. Its flexible paddle tail design starts to work even at low speed, crawling retrieve speeds. The lure tall top fins hide the hook point and reduce snags, but are flexible enough to absorb strikes and permit decisive hooksets. It Weight and bottom fin design provide a low center of gravity for perfect action to fished bottom structure.

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