Penn Slammer 3

Durability is the next name of this fishing reel. Penn slammer 3 is made to withstand the harsh condition of saltwater fishing, especially surfcasting inflicts on a reel, for example getting dunked occasionally when wading, getting the constant saltwater spray, the repetitive casting of cut baits and heavy lures, and getting dropped in the sand. This reel is designed for intensive fishing by boat or shore and is trusted by charter captains around the world.

Penn Slammer 3
Penn Slammer 3

The outstanding features of Penn Slammer 3

The Full Metal Body, rotor, and side plate: This reel comes with an all-metal body, rotor, and siteplate, which is particularly important in the bigger models because it will keep the gears lined and pinion up properly, which means that the reel will last longer and you will get a smoother retrieve.

CNC gear technology: This reel uses a complete brass gear system cut with a CNC machine for more accuracy and strength. The gear technology comprises of complete gearbox system consisting of pinion, drive, and isolation gears. This means that you have a cranking power that will last long. Not like other gears, usually made of aluminum or any other composite material, brass will stands the test of time. Another advantage of brass gearing is that it produces a smoothness you can’t get from other materials.

Sealed Slammer drag system: This reel is the first spinning reel to introduce Dura-Drag material, which is a proprietary material stronger than the HT-100 carbon washers found in Slammer Drag of Penn Spinfisher V reels. The washers are covered with a special material is known as Phenolic that adds durability to makes the drag smoother. So far, this is the only reels that have used Dura-Drag are Penn’s superior international series reels.

6 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings: This reel comes with six stainless steel ball bearings secured by Slammer IPX6 seals. It also includes the use of an anti-reverse roller bearing.

Line Capability rings: the spools on this reel is braided and have line capacity rings at the top and bottom of the spooler so you can see how many lines you have left on the spool.

Two-handle knobs: these reels come with aluminum handle specially designed for cranking large fish as well as an EVA handle for fishermen who prefer the softness of EVA. So, if you fish in cold climates, the EVA handle does not get as cold.

In conclusion, for indoor fishing, I have other reels that I like better because they are light, but it does not really shine with Slammer III. I think Penn Slammer III is an excellent reel designed for durability and should last for several years.

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