Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders [2021]

TermialTackles is here to help you make the choice between all the different ice fishing fish finder models and brands available on the market. Our goal is to provide you with a guide that will save you a lot of time and money when making your purchase for an ice fishing fish finder. All the best models are listed in this article, along with their top features, pros, and cons, full reviews – it’s all here!

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders

Garmin Striker 4

Garmin Striker 4

This boat-mounted device displays everything you need and has everything you would want, at a very reasonable price. Remote control is included, which is great for adjusting the settings on your sonar from a distance away. And if you are concerned about getting caught by the ice when using the flasher screen, there’s also a speakerphone included. You can also download your map to the device, which is useful if you are in and out of various bodies of water. It comes with a high-resolution Chartplotter that will be great for full coverage of shallow and deep waters. You can expect to pay around $800 for this device, which is a very fair price for all the features it provides.

Garmin STRIKER Plus 5 Ice Fishing Bundle With GT8HW-IF Transducer

The Garmin STRIKER Plus 5 Ice Fishing Bundle With GT8HW-IF Transducer is an affordable option for new ice fishermen looking to get into the sport. It comes with a number of pieces that will help you get started in 2019, including an easy-to-read ice fishing chart, a DSI Deluxe fishing transmitter, and a GT5i fish finder.

The STRIKER Plus 5 Ice Fishing Bundle With GT8HW-IF Transducer is very budget-friendly, even if you compare it to ice fishing products that cost $50 or more. It costs just under $200 and includes many pieces of a typical ice fishing arsenal, including a fish finder for ice fishing, a chart with information about the lake and fish species in it, as well as lines and weights. These items help you know where to go and what the weather is like before you leave the house. They also help you with your equipment, providing you with everything that’s needed to begin your journey as an ice fisherman.

The DSI Deluxe transmitter allows you to use a bobber or an ice-fishing tip-up reel without attaching it directly to your ice fishing rod. It helps you increase the distance between your line and your rod on the ice, allowing you to cast further and avoid freezing your hands off while holding a line. Each transmitter is outfitted with a stainless steel swivel clip that will not rust or corrode easily in warmer temperatures or salty water.



The HUMMINBIRD ICE-45 FLASHER​ is a scientific grade surveying instrument with a powerful 110 milliwatts flashing warning light. It features a bezel that rotates 360 degrees and can be used for 90 degrees left or right to cover the full range of hazardous angles.

The HUMMINBIRD ICE-45 FLASHER​ includes two NV/UV phototubes, prismatic lens, rugged energy-efficient LED bezel assembly and patented battery cover design. A bright white LED with 360° visibility is perfect for use in dark areas and it will not cast shadows when approaching from behind.

It is designed to be used by an ice fisherman, hiker, hunter, search and rescue team member, or anyone who wants to be visible in a low-visibility environment. It is also great for boaters, electricians, construction workers, and all other outdoor workers. It is the ideal visibility tool for both low and high-risk applications.

The ICE-45 Flasher was designed and developed with the help of Ice Rescue Teams from Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

The product comes with a carrying case, adjustable lanyard cord, spare batteries (CR2032), batteries for the flasher unit (2 AA), instructions for turning unit on/off/flash rate adjustment function/battery replacement procedures, etc., product brochure, and a manufacturer’s warranty card. or any group that needs the extra visibility to be seen in low light conditions. It can be used as a personal locater beacon for hunters or other uses.

Product Dimensions:

Unit dimensions are 5” in diameter and 4” high with a 3/16” mounting hole.

Product Features:

On/Off switch with four modes of operation: Continuous Flashing; Morse code SOS (3 blinks per second); Slow Frequency Pulse; Fast Frequency Pulse.

Lowrance HOOK² Ice Fishing Fishfinder

Lowrance HOOK² Ice Fishing Fishfinder

This Lowrance Hook2 Review will tell you about the features that are great. This is a great fish finder for ice fishing. It also has sonar, which gives you a clear underwater picture.

It shows depth, bottom hardness, fish types in the area and even tells time based on your zone and depth! It’s a pretty cool device to have if you like to go ice fishing and can’t be at the hole for hours waiting for something to hit your bait! This is one of the best devices I’ve ever seen or used for ice fishing.

It’s battery-powered and it uses a small battery that lasts a long time. You can connect your fishfinder to the screen and even use the sonar to see around the area much clearer.

This unit is easy to use for ice fishing since it has everything you need right on the screen. You can’t get lost or confused while ice fishing with this unit!
I suggest you get this unit if you enjoy ice fishing. This fish finder is a little pricey, but it’s well worth the money spent.

This is one of my favorite ice fishing equipment I’ve ever used! It’s easy to use and you don’t need any other device to get great sonar pictures while ice fishing!

Hawk-Eye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

Hawk-Eye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

This model will be perfect for anglers who would like a little more than what the other machines offer. It features a full-color flasher screen that comes with some realistic fish images and the ability to catch real-time fish action on your device while you fish. You’ll also find a built-in depth finder, speakerphone, GPS system included, and two mounting options: one for the handheld and one for the boat mount. The best part is that you can record your fishing trips with this model through its built-in camera system. You can expect to pay around $650 when purchasing this model from Amazon or other online retailers.

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Castable and Portable WiFi Fish Finder

Deeper Smart Fish Finder

This model is another great one that has just about everything you need at a fair price. It has a built-in GPS system, which makes it easy to keep track of where you are while you fish. You’ve got an option of three screens: echo sounder, flasher, and transducer. The flasher screen has a speakerphone and controls, which will be perfect for those icy days on the lake. It is also equipped with a depth finder, wireless remote control, and an easy-to-use Chartplotter. The best part about these models is that there is an optional magnetic mount for both the boat mount and the handheld model. You can expect to pay around $400 for this device when it is made available to you.

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder Buyers Guide

Before you decide on your ice fishing fish finder, you have to understand the basic features of one. Let’s start with what they are:

Fish Finder – This can be both a handheld and a mounted fishing machine.

Depth finder – This device automatically displays how far down you can reach in water or lake. It also shows depth under the ice or surface average depth of the body of water you are fishing in. Without a depth finder, it is nearly impossible to find where to cast your line. Check out our Best Diving Gear article if you’re looking for additional help finding the best way down into the water when it’s frozen over here.

Chartplotter – This device computes your location and plots it on a chart of the area you are in. It comes in handy when fishing in a lake or river that has streams running into it. Without one, it is hard to tell which stream you are actually fishing on.

Sonar This screen captures the image of what is under the water and displays it on the screen for you to see. There are three types of screens used for sonar: transducer, flasher or echo sounder. The transducer sends out sound waves that hit rocks and other submerged objects that return them back to the device, which then displays them underwater on a digital screen. The flasher sends out a sound wave and then shakes the water to return back to the screen. The echo sounder sends out a sound wave and then returns it back. As you can see, this works by returning the echoes to a screen where it will display them for you to see.

Speakerphone (optional) – This device allows you to communicate through your sonar screen without getting wet (or worse).

Remote control – This allows you to change the settings on your sonar device from a distance away. It can also be used to control your depth finder too, so you don’t need to get close and find out what the real depth is (also known as getting trapped by the ice).

The price you pay for an ice fishing fish finder can vary greatly, depending on where you buy it as well as how many features it has. We will go over the different models available and what you can expect to pay for each one:

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder FAQ

What Type of Frequency?

The frequency range for ice fishing finders should typically be from 50 to 600Hz. The number of Hz is how many times each second the unit will vibrate. This is a measurement of high-frequency vibrations that are transmitted into the water to make sounds that fish can hear in order to find their food. The higher the Hz, the more accurate your results will be since you’ll know more about what’s going on below you in the water.

Power Source? Yes or No?
Most ice fishing finders have an external battery pack and need charging periodically, but they are not usually powered by electricity. There are some fish finders that use solar panels to power them, which is great if you can get it set up outside, but there are also other models that are battery-powered that you can buy at surplus stores.

Number of Pixels?
The number of pixels (or LEDs) in your screen will determine how many fish are in your area. The higher the number of pixels, the more accurate your results will be. There is a trade-off between size and resolution when selecting a fish finder for ice fishing. If you aim to take a lot of fish in one night, get a screen with more chips so it’s easier to read. If you’re just looking for a general idea of how many fish are in the area, get a screen with fewer chips so it’s easier to see the larger picture.

Colored Screen? Yes or No?
Some ice fishing finders come with colored screens so you can quickly see which fish have been caught. These screens are also usually more accurate than white ones since they don’t wash out when you’re out on the lake at night. However, these models also tend to be bulkier than their non-colored versions because they have extra LEDs that must be used to light up the screen and extra circuitry inside that must help process signals from each chip on board.

The Material of the Transducer

Most ice fishing fish finders are made from lightweight, inexpensive materials such as plastic or metal. However, a few models are made with much more durable materials such as fiberglass. These tend to cost more, but they usually last far longer than their plastic counterparts because they can be used in harsh offshore conditions and withstand being dropped up to 30 feet from the water surface.

How To Read A Fish Flasher?

Reading a fish flasher is much like reading an ice fishing fish finder, but the screen has been designed for this specific application. A fish flasher will usually have a larger screen than a traditional fish finder so you can take a better reading in the water. Also, the colors of the screen have been carefully selected so you can see a wide range of lights within your immediate area.

Ice Fishing Fish Finder vs Flasher?

A flasher is specifically designed to catch fish, whereas a finder is designed for general use. In other words, if you’re looking to filter out some of the background noise in order to get more accurate readings when fishing on your ice, you need an ice fishing fish finder – not a flasher.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Ice Fishing Fish Finder?

Ice fishing fish finders can be very difficult to read at night. Therefore, if you have a large screen and it can give you better results than smaller counterparts, this will make it easier to see exactly what is going on below you when bobbing in the water on a fishing trip. This device ensures that you are getting your money’s worth out of every tool that you bring along with your fishing equipment.

Are Ice Fishing Fish Finders Waterproof?

Most ice fishing fish finders are designed to be waterproof. Some of these devices come with protective cases so you can keep them in the freezer or snow and will survive an unexpected dunking in the water. Others are waterproof and don’t come with cases; however, you should still treat them carefully, as they are not designed to be submerged underwater. Even if your thing is not water-resistant, it should still work just fine over a period of time. If you notice any signs of malfunction such as corroded buttons or batteries that don’t seem to hold a charge, then you should replace it with a new one immediately.

How Is a Regular Fish Finder Different From an Ice Fishing Fish Finder?

Fishfinders come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all designed with the same purpose in mind. They allow you to accurately identify the presence of fish and other aquatic life underwater, so if you’re looking to catch fish, ice fishing fish finders offer a high-tech alternative. You can easily purchase models that work with just a few button strokes or even ones that send messages on your phone so you know when your screen has detected something down under. If these units don’t fulfill your expectations, then have no fear; there are many other options available that will provide even more powerful capabilities than what is offered by traditional fish finders.

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