Fishing Rod Pod

With the advancement in modern carp fishing techniques, the setup has become more complex and difficult to keep structured and under control. The introduction of several new and constantly improving tackles means that it is certain you will need to use a rod pod to stay on top of your game.

A rod pod is very helpful if your fishery uses wooden platforms due to reedy or shallow margins or if the fisheries have rock hard banks like many gravel pits in the south of England. Another benefit of a pod is the time saving when setting up and when packing away. On reaching the lake, the fisherman can take the rod pod from the fishing bag with a bite alarm and rear reset still attached from the last session and can be caught at any time soon.

Majority of the pods have adjustable legs and buzzer bars to enable the fisherman point the pods in the preferred direction, either beach caster technique with the tips pointing upwards to evade snag, weed, etc. Or rod tips pointing level downwards if using a slack line or back lead.

The earliest pods were made from heavy stainless steel, but many fishermen now prefer lighter, plastic-coated alloy models produced by manufacturers like Fox International or lightweight stainless steel models, Solar Tackle manufacture, although companies like Matrix Innovations and Steve Neville still produce old school strong and heavy gauge stainless steel pod that should last a lifetime but are too heavy to swim.

Among the various rod pods available in the market today that offer a variety of features to address every problem you may encounter, there are some factors that should be considered if you want to make the right choice, such as the following.

fishing rod pod

Rod capacity: Majority of the rod come with a 3-rod buzzer bar as normal, but some can also take a 2 or 4-rod buzzer bars if necessary.

Bankside terrain: you should consider a rod pod with adjustable legs if your banks steep, to enable you to raise or lower the front / back in order to point the rods to the preferred angle.

Weight: you may need to consider a lighter weight pod if your desired lake swims a long way from the car park.

It is important that any rod pod you buy offers a high level of stability because it would be disastrous to have it tip over. Now, most pods offer a good level of stability, but some are more than others and this can be determined by their degree of adjustability. The original design features splayed legs at the front and back with boss and buzz bars attached.

Budget and quality: rod pod can vary in cost and quality; therefore it better to go with a well-known manufacturer. It will be profitable to do some online research to find the best deals available.

Other tips to consider include the size at which the pod compacts to the weight of it. If this is a problem and you are want to save space, be ready to pay a little more. But, don’t forget that you that don’t have to spend big to get a pod that will do the job. Particularly for the novice fisherman, you should always consider the cheapest version, looking to set-up to higher and more technical equipment as you gain experience.

fishing rod pod 2
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