Telescopic Fishing Rod

This fishing rod is made to collapse down to a small length and also opens into an extended rod. These twenty or thirty feet rods may look like a foot and slightly more. This is what makes the fishing rod very simple to transport to remote areas and to travel by any local transport system.

The telescopic fishing rod is an innovative invention, designed with the ability to collapse as a telescope does, hence its name. It just collapses inside of itself, with one part sliding smoothly into the next until it became very short in length, with the possibility of reopening it to its original length, which makes it very portable and practical. Even the very long 30-foot rod can collapse up to an inch and a half long and is ideal for packing in a backpack, knapsack or fishing box when hiking, camping, or boating.

telescopic fishing rod

Every telescopic rod is built with similar materials as their counterparts, which are manufactured as the standard one and two sectioned rods. They are made of graphite, fiberglass, diamond carbon or other composites of the stated materials to allow easy sliding into each other and easy opening and closing. The eyes are usually constructed for strength; however varying grade eyes are offered as with conventional rods. The materials used for the rod eyes vary from titanium SIC to micro aluminum oxide.

Every fisherman needs a telescopic fishing rod in his arsenal, because at some point in time you may find yourself in a condition where you cannot fit your favorite 10-foot saltwater fishing rod into your car. For example, when your car is full for holiday, there may be no space for your favorite monster rod, this is where the need for telescopic fishing rod comes in.

telescopic fishing rod3

Having a telescopic fishing rod is a solution to almost everything fishermen who need to prepare. Most fishermen know that the real fishing hot spots are areas that are not fished very often and this usually requires a bit of traveling. You may go for a hike and even paddle down the river to get to your fishing destination, but this is not possible with that ten-foot fishing rod of yours. The telescopic fishing rod gives you the opportunity to pack light and small with the additional opportunity of fishing anywhere and at any time you want.

A telescopic rod gives you the choice of packing light and small, but also with the opportunity to fish when there is a possibility. Imagine arriving at your holiday destination, where some people staying next door to you get home with lots of freshly caught fish. Of course, you will want to go out and bring home your own catch, but you couldn’t fit your rod in the car.

In conclusion, these rods should not be whipped into an opening position in a speedy manner, because this may make closing the rod difficult or probably make it fail to close at all. Although these rods are made to be lightweight, adaptable and strong, it is advisable to follow the tips or instructions that come with the rods when you buy it, until you are familiar with the rod and its capabilities. These special rods have become famous for surf fishing, which is fishing from any shore, as well as from rocky crags, piers, etc. The telescopic fishing rod is a great investment for serious anglers.

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