Best Baitcasting Rod for the Money

Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Baitcasting Rod

Piscifun torrent Baitcasting Rod

Passionate anglers all have one thing in common; they are always looking for the best fishing tackles. This can be a bit difficult these days with a slow economy and countless products available in the market. So, the question is how can a novice fisherman find the best equipment? The answer lies in honest reviews like this to guide him through.

One of the most wanted items by fishermen in the United States is baitcasting rods. This is also among the most expensive items a fisherman can invest in.  Selecting the right rod from a myriad of manufacturers available in the market can be a frightening task. Therefore to help you make the right choice, we spent time testing many of the best baitcasting rods on the market today. After this thorough and fun research, we have selected the best baitcasting fishing rods. The following are what we consider as the best investments in baitcasters. Here is a list of the best baitcasting rods you can get for your money.

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

This is an ideal choice for fishermen of all skill levels; UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod is made from the combination of fiberglass and graphite, which makes it very strong, sensitive, and lightweight. The rod handles are made of durable EVA and it guides from strong stainless steel. Ugly Stik is a name that fishermen trusted for generations. This is one rod that lives up to its reputation. This baitcasting rod offers a wide range of ordering options so that every fisherman is sure of the one that suits their favorite fishing style. Fiberglass and Graphite makeup provides reliable power and brilliant sensitivity. One drawback of this fishing rod that it tends to rust even with diligent rinsing after Fishing.

The following are what makes the Ugly Stik GX2 one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money​

  • Its Graphite and fiberglass blank
  • This rod is very strong and durable: almost unbreakable
  • It is lightweight and well balanced for convenient handling
  • The handle grip is very comfortable
  • The price value is fantastic
  • It comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty

Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod

Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod

Shimano rods are undoubtedly among the best in the world, they are a trend tool in the fishing industry. This remarkable high-quality baitcasting rod is angler’s favorite. It offers the famous Shimano strength, quality, feel and reliability at a very low price. Regardless of your wishes or the thickness of your pocket, you will find this Shimano rod okay for your needs.

This flexible rod was produced for fishermen of all ages and skill levels and is prepared to cover a wide range of uses in rivers, streams, lakes and even saltwater fishing. If you are buying your first rod or a backup rod that can handle different kinds of fishing tasks, Shimano FXC 2 Piece casting rod is a must add to your arsenal. For a heavy rod, this rod offers exceptional sensitivity and flexibility. It fast action tip hurl lures far away and provide the rod sensitivity and grip strength. The only drawback to this rod is that its length for surf fishing is on the short side.

The following are what makes the Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money​

  • Multi-purpose casting rod for all fishing situations and skill levels
  • Very strong and durable, and can withstand many cases of abuse
  • Amazing value: offers a lot at a reasonable price

Abu Garcia VERITAS

Abu Garcia VERITAS

This trendily designed and light baitcaster rod come from the trusted name, Abu Garcia, One of its outstanding features is that it is versatile and flexible. VERITAS Rod is a brilliant piece of tools that gives you another great tackle to fill your box. Solid, but still it gives you a lot of sensitivity and action. This rod is an excellent choice for it ability. It contains 30 tons of graphite blank, which lets the fishermen feel even the slightest of blows. It as well contains 10 guides of titanium alloy and handle of high-density EVA foam. The drawback of this rod is that it is not good for flipping or pitching.

The following are what makes the Abu Garcia VERITAS one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money​

  • 30 tons of blank graphite with a spiral carbon core
  • It has titanium alloy guides
  • It design is lightweight
  • Ideal for a variety of species
  • Versatile processing range
  • Good for salt or fresh water
  • Abu Garcia is a famous name in every fishing community

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Baitcasting Rod

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Baitcasting Rod

From the moment you lift this rod, you will know you have something special in your hands. This rod will give you much more versatility, but still has the brute force necessary to land that larger bass. While this is still what I call a cheap rod, it’s not cheap. However, it is very obvious when looking at the quality structure and components that St. Croix used in this rod that it is designed to last. The only drawback of this rod is that it is a bit on the whippy side.

The following are what makes the St. Croix Mojo Inshore one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money​

  • SCII graphite blank
  • Batson forecasts salt water evidence
  • It comes with Split cork handle
  • Light-medium work
  • Average heavy performance
  • It is durable and functional
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • It has a 5 years warranty

Piscifun torrent Baitcasting Rod

Piscifun torrent Baitcasting Rod

This baitcasting rod is extremely sensitive, light and well balanced, they are designed for tournament level based on serious fishermen ideas of the hard hunter. The rod average length and strength make it wonderful rod and it works well in saltwater and freshwater environments. If you want to go into baitcasting, this is a great rod to start with. Even serious fishermen looking for a reserve rod will like it.

Piscifun Torrent rod can handle big and hard-fighting fish with strength and reliability. Due to its strength, fishermen will be fulfilled with the rod ability to cast a wide range of magical baits. It feels a little less weight and more flexible than you would expect, but this does not affect the rod durability. One drawback of this fishing rod is that the guides can bend under pressure.

The following are what makes the Piscifun torrent one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money

  • This rod is versatile as it comes with two tips that offer different strengths
  • Very elegant and stylish rod
  • The rod is strong and lightweight construction
  • Two-piece travel design
  • Backed by great customer service and one year warranty

How to choose the best Baitcasting Rod for the Money

The best fishing rod will make you a better fisherman. Many fishermen do not realize that the fishing rod is one of the most significant tools for landing bass. Have you seen some of the best foundry rods, flooded all the options and found it difficult to choose one for you? The purchased manual will simply be the selection process.

The fishing rod is one tool you will spend a lot of time with and it will determine the type of fishing experiences you will get. You want to make sure you get it right. So, how do you choose a good fishing rod? It takes more than ordering for the first glossy rod, but it’s not rocket science. It all starts with knowing what you will be fishing for and how. Knowing where you are fishing, the type of fish that will follow and the type of lures you will use will make it easier to narrow down your options. When evaluating the best baitcasting rods, pay attention to the following characteristics on any casting rod, considering whether to offer what you need in a casting rod and obtain the best bait rod that will give you the best performance on the water and will give excellent value for your cash.

Power: This is sometimes referred to as strength. There are different kinds of power rods; such as ultra-light, light, medium, medium-heavy and heavy power fishing rods. The ultra-light and light powers are designed for lighter fishing lures, lines, and to fight small fish. Heavy, medium heavy, extra heavy powers offer the rod sufficient backbone to hurl heavier lines, lures and bring in large heavy fish. Because casting rods are designed to cast heavier baits for larger fishing, you will need a medium to heavy a baitcaster rod that has enough power to hurl heavy lines, lures and bait, and lift heavy fish from heavy deck or deep water without breaking.

Action: The action of baitcasting rods shows where it bends when the load is placed at its tip and how quickly it is restored when the load is removed. It shows how baitcaster rod will function when battling fish and during casting. There are fast, extra fast, average and slow action rods. The extra fast action are very firm and bend only at the tip. The fast action rods are slightly more flexible and bend in the upper third of the rod from the tip. They have a lot of power at the tip which allows them to achieve greater casting distance. They are very perceptive and set hooks fast and hard. Slow action rods are the most flexible and bend evenly all through the rod’s length.

Grip Handle: Most of the fishing days your hand will be on the handle for hours, the handle should feel good in your hand and enable strong grip even when your hands are greasy and wet. Regardless of how hot temperature or cold it gets. They should also be designed comfortably to ensure you do not go home with painful wrists. This is the reason why rod handles are an important consideration when buying casting rod. The best materials for rod handles are Cork and EVA. Both materials are very, easy to handle, lightweight, and comfortable.

Frame Quality: When choosing baitcasting rod, frame quality is very important, graphite or high-grade aluminum is the best. Graphite frames can withstand very well and are lightweight. Aluminum frames are heavier, stronger, and more resistant to bending than graphite frames. Graphite is suitable for light fishing tasks, small fishing, whereas aluminum is perfect for heavier fishing tasks, like carrying large fish or fishing with salt water.

The listed are our picks after a series of research and consulting with professionals.  As you can see; there are many varieties out there. finding a good rod that works for you and your financial plan is an intimidating task. I believe this review will help you make the right choice. Add these rods to your list and get the one you can pay for, they are all good and I hope this list I have gathered will assist you in making your subsequently purchase.

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What make this reel outstanding is it handle, if you are left-handed or right-handed, this reel does not matter because it handle is swappable between the left and the right sides to fit your needs. With other reels like baitcaster, there is no handles swapping, you either buy a dedicated left-hand model or a dedicated right-hand model and that is what you are stuck with. And also spinning reel is a good option for experienced angler looking for versatility, who may wish to fish live bait or use light artificial lures.

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