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Tica UGSA Surf Spinning Rod​

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

St. Croix Mojo Surf Casting Rod​

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait​

Many people enjoy the sand, sun, and large saltwater catches that come with surf fishing. Standing on the beach as you cast your rod on the open ocean, gives a new and exciting life to the sport of fishing. Surfing along the coast exposes you to larger fishes, so your needed tackle is different from freshwater fishing. Your rod needs to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing. The ideal rod will have the right length, action, strength, durability, and design.

Surf fishing is the activity of fishing standing on the shore or paddling in the surf. The common term, surf fishing may or may not include fishing with bait or lures, and refers to all kinds of shore fishing; from rocky and sandy beaches, rock jetties and even fishing piers. The expressions beach casting or surfcasting specifically refers to surf fishing from the shoreline by casting to the surf at the beach or near the beach.

Why Do You Need a Surf Casting Rod?

Surfcasting rods are different from other kinds of rods. This is because there is a slightly different design compare to others. When surfing, it usually happened on the beach or in a very open area. This means you will need a rod that can cast a long distance. To do this, the rod must be very long. It is important that you get a rod that can cast a good distance if you intend to use it for surf fishing.

These rods are made for different kinds of fishing. Some rods require fast action, while others require medium and slow action. This is achieved through the design built-in into the rod taper. The rods with fast action will bend from the upper third of the rod length. The slow design curves from the lower third. And a rod designed for surf fishing would have a medium action which bends from the higher middle half of the rod. Now that you have knowledge of surf fishing rod, let’s look at the best surfcasting fishing rods.

Tica UGSA Surf Spinning Rod

Tica UGSA Surf Spinning Rod

This is one of the best surf fishing rods in this list and it is angler’s favorite.  The features available in Tica UGSA rod have been optimized for the perfect surfcasting rig. From the long non-slip cork grip to fast action, to FUJI Hardloy ring guides; Tica UGSA is a high-performance surf rod prepared for the severity of surf fishing.

This rod has been designed to be light and easy to move for a long day on the shore. Notwithstanding it lightweight, buyers have choices ranging from medium to extra-heavy power alternatives up to 12 feet in length. The rod is classified as a fast action rod to provide good lasting power. This rod has the right power, if you are looking for a rod that averages about ten feet and have a great casting distance, what else are you looking for besides real strength? Tica UGSA got you covered.

Tica UGSA is made of very strong graphite. It comes with great casting power and durability. The most amazing thing about these rods is its sensitivity. The only drawback of this rod is that it is a little more expensive than others on the list.

One reason you will never miss this lure in experienced fishermen tackle bag is the material used in making it. While its sound is high, it is designed to look natural and attractive to bass. In addition, you can choose to fish it slow or fast depending on where the fish are – in both cases, it sounds like a dinner bell to bass. This makes it ideal for use in different situations. The only snag with this lure is that it doesn’t jig much and is a bit expensive.

The following are what make Tica UGSA one of the Best Surf Casting Rods​

  • It's cork handle provides a classic look
  • It is available in different Size options
  • It is lighter than other rods in the market
  • Great tips guide
  • It has fantastic casting distance

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

To meet the test of big-water fishing, fishermen around the globe choose the these rods to land their catch. Reliability and durability best describe these surf fishing rods features. A strong and sensitive rod, Ugly Stik gets the task done. Long lasting and hard fighting rod, one of the toughest rods in this list. This is a 12-foot rod, extremely big. The tip is still very sensitive and the graphite core keeps the rod well balanced and durable all through the casting process.

This is the sturdy version of Ugly Stik fishing rod. Built to cast baits and lures long distances, the rod fast action, and long distance are similarly suitable for throwing bait for catfish in the lake and river. Ugly Stik offers superior performance with this rod, which provides all the Ugly Stik trustworthiness in surf casting setup. The only drawback of this rod is that it can be a little too long.

The following are what make Ugly Stik Bigwater one of the Best Surf Casting Rods​

  • It is very strong
  • It has a great rod tip
  • It is a good deal
  • The brand reliability
  • It’s not too expensive

St. Croix Mojo Surf Casting Rod

St. Croix Mojo Surf Casting Rod

St Croix is a very reliable company in terms of fishing rods. Their Mojo is a good deal, it is designed from the best SCII graphite. These rods are specifically made to be an ideal combination of performance and value. This rod is made up of carbon fiber, And it is one of the strongest surf rods in the market. In fact, a carbon fiber rod is has a perfect materials. This is a very flexible, stronger and durable piece of equipment. St. Croix Mojo rod is 12 feet long and is designed in two pieces. On the other hand, Mojo comes with a great guarantee that makes it one of the best deals on this list. In addition to these facts, when it comes to casting power, this fishing rod can handle a 16 ounces weight. The only drawback of this rod is that it is a bit expensive.

The good thing about these lures is that you can use it both in salt water and in fresh water. It is one of the best bass lures that mimic a live small fish. For bass, this is the food they can’t miss and for the fisherman, this is an opportunity to go home with a full basket. Everything about this lure is designed to look like a live small fish.

In addition, it jiggles in the water to create ripples and record its presence in the water for bass recognition. This bait has big eyes that reflect sunlight and make it easy to be detected by the fish. These baits make fishing easier with it low cost, many sizes and colors. Once the lure is in the water, play with the action to attract much fish and keep catching one at a time. The only drawback associated with this lure is that big fish can damage the lure and it’s not easy to create action in the water.

The following are what make St. Croix Mojo one of the Best Surf Casting Rods​

  • The rod is Light and strong
  • Good warranty
  • Excellent construction

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

These rods offer power and performance and a two-piece graphite complex rod blank. It is a perfect size rod and provides a great balance, while it remains strong and tough. When fishing for bigger fish, you can rely on it to perform the task. With Penn Prevail Surf Spinning rod, you can equally cast deep in the surf or fishes for large fish in freshwater. This is a rod that you can take with you anywhere. It is a two-piece design, highly flexible. Therefore you are not going to be concerned about the rod taking a beating or two. The only drawback to this surf fishing rod is that it may lack durability

The following are what make Penn Prevail one of the Best Surf Casting Rods​

  • It comes with two-piece design
  • It is a great spinning rod
  • It’s not too expensive
  • It is versatile and available in smaller sizes
  • Two pieces collapse for convenience

Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod

Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod

From its length to its action, this is an ideal surf casting rod. A well designed durable and tough rod that will cast into the surf. With just a few choices in length and in weight rating, it is all upgrade to be a versatile surf fishing rod. These fishing rods are designed to get the best fighting power and flexibility for use with a wide range of techniques. Strong and powerful action blanks can handle both lure and bait fishing activities for distance casting and the power to handle fish in the surf.

This surf rod symbolizes everything the right surfcasting rod should be. The guides are in the least number to reduce drag and are made of stainless steel and ceramic. This blend provides durability and frictionless casting. Its long rubber-coated handle is the perfect length for the long and powerful cast. Fibilink Surf rod is available in 10 and 12 feet lengths, both are perfect for surf fishing, it also collapses into two pieces. The rod is classified as a heavy duty rod with a moderate-fast action. The only drawback of this rod is that the plastic seat and collar lack some durability

The following are what make Fiblink one of the Best Surf Casting Rods​

  • It has five guides to reduce line drag
  • It has Long rubber coated handle for extra power and grip
  • Optimal Surf Casting Characteristics

How to choose the best surf casting fishing rods? - Buying Guide

When buying surf fishing rods, there are few things to take into consideration, like the kind of surf fishing you trying to do. Of course, there seems to be one simple range of surf fishing, however it’s essential to know what equipment that suits your fishing technique. It mainly has to do with casting ability. However, there are other factors to consider, like the ability to set hooks and fighting power. Also, the following factors should be taking into consideration before making a purchase.

Length: The length of a fishing rod plays an important role in surf fishing. A longer rod usually leads to a longer casting distance that allows you to reach the distance you need to find large fish. This is not always the case since rod action also plays a part in the extent you can cast. The best option is a rod between 10 to 12 feet, which is very good for beginners. While the longer rods usually have a longer cast distance, they are harder to use, so they are not a great option for someone who is just learning the amazing sport of surf fishing.

Size: When it comes to size, consider the ability of your rod to collapse. This I mean if your rod can be easily stored? If you are considering buying a surf rod chance are you will find large equipment. When you buy this rod, you may also need a place to store it. Look for a rod that can be easily disassembled and put back together.

Power: All fishing rods have a weight or power rating. They are usually classified as “light” to “heavy”. This classification generally indicates the stiffness of the rod and depends on the flex of each unit of the weight. In surf fishing, you usually will be catching bigger and more aggressive fish than normal scenarios. For surf casting rod, many people will recommend “medium” or “extra-heavy” rods. But your final choice should be decided by the weight of baits or lures you intend to use and the fighting ability of the target species.

Flexibility and sensitivity: Here you need something that can bend without breaking. If you are reeling in larger fish in the surf, you need fishing equipment you can trust. For sensitivity, this is the key to catching fish altogether. Therefore go for highly sensitive equipment that is also designed to last long.

Action: This has to do with how flexible a rod is. The taper or action of a rod can be described as fast or medium-fast or medium or slow. The rod that is classified as fast will flex or bend in the upper third of the rod, which makes it ideal for a long cast and for a hook set on a single hook rig due to its ability to adjust the hook deeply. The medium action and medium fast rod have a standard casting range and are an excellent choice if you plan to use treble hooks. Slow rods are not generally used for surf fishing, as they do not provide very large casting choice or a great hook setting ability needed for big fish.

In conclusion, these surf rods listed here will give you a lot of great fishing time, and the range of performance. With one of this decent rod in your hands, you will soon find yourself making incredible catches from the shore. These features will help you find the perfect match for your specific style and fishing method. And if it is difficult to choose one, you can go ahead and pick two. I wish you the best of luck on the shore.


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