Best Time to Fish for Bass

For years, I have heard many fishermen talk about their frustration when trying to catch bass. Most fishermen do not realize that these fish have a variety of behaviors that distinguish them from other fish. There are several factors that come to play when fishing bass, such as the lure types, reels, the fish eating pattern, and the right time for bass fishing. As you can imagine, each type of fish requires an unusual approach. Knowing more about bass fish will increase your chances of landing big bass. If you know the right time to fish, it will be easy to catch them.

Bass fishing is a very entertaining sport and is considered as one of the most popular fishing methods. Bass is often very aggressive fish and give a good fight so it is very exciting. For anyone who is new to bass fishing or just wants to land more bass the next time, they touch the water. Knowing the best time for bass fishing according to the season and the time of day will help you catch more bass.

Bass fishing is a sport that requires a little knowledge, patience and skill that is not just easy to master immediately. It is not about the fishing tools. It is about the skills acquired and the technique learned that give one advantage when it comes to landing big one. It is also about knowing the species and conditions that surround the area you choose to fish.

To catch bass, you need to anticipate how the fish will behave and what will cause them to strike. As a common rule, bass is recognized to be predators, therefore choosing the right bait is necessary. Also, there is a spawning stage that must be taken into consideration. The males are extremely protective as the spawning start and will be more active towards the bait.

If you are wondering about the best time to catch bass or the best times of the year, especially if you want to know how to catch bigger bass, you must first learn about bass spawning behavior. Bass usually spawn during the end of winter in the southern regions of the United States and during the late spring in the northern parts. The only factor that affects spawning activity is water temperature. When the temperature reaches approximately 60 degrees, the bass begins to feed strongly and moves towards the shallow water nest.

The vital thing to keep in mind about the pre-spawn and spawning season, is that in some countries bass fishing period may be closed. The cause of this is due to the fact that spawning fish need to be handled with care because of the eggs they carried. Be sure to check the freshwater fishing regulations in your state before planning a trip.

Another period to consider is after the bass has recovered from spawning. After a female bass, regaining their appetite of the low egg laying. After a female spawn, it takes a few weeks to regain her appetite. Although once they do, it is very likely that the dog will start feeding again for another two weeks.

The best time to fish: time of day

In the previous paragraphs, we have discussed the best time of the season for bass fishing. Now let’s take a look at the best time of the day to fish for bass. Knowing the right time of the day to go bass fishing will help you choose the right lures that will be most productive. There are mainly three times a day, which is usually the best time for bass fishing. Among the most recommended bass fishing tips is to go fishing during the lowest light hours of the day for most bites.

Early in the morning: Fishing bass early in the morning can be very successful. Baitfish activity usually increases around dawn, while lighting conditions remain low. The best bass bait during the morning hours is usually a shiner or minnow. If you are interested in fishing with artificial lures, then don’t forget that plug or topwater should work well when using near coasts or plants.

Late afternoon: As the sun begins to set, the bass will again benefit from the low light conditions to feed. As in the early morning, the late afternoon can also create the initial conditions for topwater lures. This is especially true during the summer months, though you may have to experiment with various retrieve speeds to see if the fish are more attracted to a fast or slow retrieve.

Night Time: Undoubtedly, the perfect time of day to fish is at night. Bass feeds a lot at night more than at any other time of the day. The night is not only the best time for bass fishing because bass is more active in the night, but there are often fewer fishermen during the night, that means less noise in the waterway in the night. Summer, in particular, can be a very good time to go night fishing. Bass will benefit from colder water temperatures and low light to feed before the sunlight and heat return.

Other important Tips

The best time for bass fishing is before a front arrives, and the worst time to catch them is after. The pressure makes the bass more active, therefore watch for a wall of clouds moving in. When the weather is very pleasant, the bass is not likely to bite.

They eat different bait depending on the time of year. The general rule is that at the beginning of the year they like crawfish, so used peach-colored patterns. They like shad during summer and fall, so use uses silver bait or chromed.

During spring, bass hangs out in spawning beds. Pay attention to shallow areas, particularly in coves because this is where bass like to protect their eggs. They will bite as much out of frustration with the lure as they will do out of hunger.

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