Humminbird 998c Review

Humminbird 998c Review
Humminbird 998c Review

This is one of the hottest fish finders in the market; the 998 comes with many great features such as an 8-inch Diagonal screen, equipped with colors, which result in a high-quality display. The display is great, which makes it easy for you to see even in bright sunlight. Another important feature of this finder is that it comes with an internal memory that is capable of covering up to 2,750 waypoints, 45 courses, including 50 trails. Every trail comes with 20,000 points. To offer you a great view, also, the unit features a down imaging technology that allows you to easily see what is underneath.

The major function of this fish finder is to help fishermen locate the most suitable fishing spots. The unit also comes with a dual-beam that lets it cover a wide coverage area. If you are looking for high accuracy, you use the narrow beam and if your interest is in seeing a large area, then you can use the wide beam. Hummingbird 998 is very effective as it is not only for tracking and chart plotting but also features GPS speeds, including down and side sonar imaging.  In addition to these unique features, the following are other factors that make this fish finder the most popular among fishermen.

Memory, GPS, Mapping: The dual SD card slot on the Humminbird 998 expands the unit’s memory, giving you the opportunity to save your fishfinder screenshots to share with friends and family. Online forums also provide another great avenue to meet other anglers to share your screenshots, as well as photos of others.

Clear Mode: The Time Variable Gain (TVG) and the In SwitchFire Clear mode software filters through sonar returns to show only the fish and the structure, which is great for fishing rough and shallow water or to reduce unwanted clutter in the water column. Also, Clear Mode will be very helpful to a novice Humminbird 998 user or folks that it hard to understand what they see on the sonar screen.

Switchfire: This feature rank high among all the amazing features of this fish finder. The SwitchFire sonar modes allow you to adjust the view on-screen to match the fishing conditions. The two-mode to choose from are the Max Mode and Clear Mode.

Easy to use: The technology built-in by Humminbird made 998 easy to operate. It is clear to see through its digital readout, good size digit view, and fast disconnect mounting. Hummingbird 998 also comes with a Feet manual for the user. This is one feature that made it so popular with fishermen around the world.

Power:  This fish finder is very powerful. This is evident with the fact that it comes with a dual-beam fish finder and a power output of about 1000 watts.

Transducer: This is another great feature because it helps produce side and side imaging as well as sonar functions. This helps project clear images.

Screen size and resolution: It comes with great colors with a wide 8-inch screen that makes it possible for users to get a clear view through the large images with an efficient display. And because of its split-screen zoom capabilities, you can get a clear picture of any object or area of the seabed. And the 800V by 400V pixel resolution screen size will make the displayed images to be sharp, allowing you to see even in sunlight. This will enable you to gather accurate information according to your area of interest.

Humminbird 998 Pros

  • It is very easy to install
  • The navigation screen is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for even a novice angler.
  • The unit comes with a dual SD card slot that allows for great video recordings of various images as well as images that may be used for future reference.
  • Regular software updates are available to improve functionality.

Humminbird 998 Cons

  • The price is very expensive and may be considered quite expensive for an average fisherman.
  • The screen can get dirty easily and become grimy as you move your fingers across its surface. This issue can be corrected easily with the use of a screen protector.

In conclusion, Humminbird 998 is built with the newest technology. It has several features that make it unique, effective, and easy to use. Because of these amazing features, it has become very popular in various parts of the world. Although, the actual price of this model is not really cheap. At its price point, it may not be suitable for average fishermen. But, if you are planning to invest in a really superior fish finder, then Humminbird 998 is highly recommended.

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