Kayak Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

In recent years, Kayak fishing has become the most accepted fishing trend, mostly due to relatively cheap cost of the equipment. Kayaks are small, normally a single person, watercraft that can be propelled without the means of motor. There are some tips to keep in mind when investigating how to enter the sport of kayak bass fishing. Some of these tips include the safety and stability of the kayaks, the fishing equipment and the comfort of the fisherman. The following are some few tips to remember when fishing for bass from your kayak.

man on kayak fishing
  • Practice paddling before fishing: they say practice makes perfect. If you have not used a kayak before, you will need to practice balancing, paddling, and how to navigate your kayak on a known channel near your home. In this way, you can gain experience and confidence before carrying your fishing rods on board.
  • It is advisable to buy bright colored kayaks: bright colored kayaks are the best option for safety because they are very visible to notice from far. It can be difficult to spot dark colors kayak especially blues, and this can cause accidents. So, when buying a kayak, look for green, yellow and orange colors.
  • Get something suitable for your comfort levels, such as a pillow, food, ice, big-brimmed hat and a comfortable jacket to bring your morale up since you need to sit for a while in one place.

You must have some weight bait. You cannot use your legs in kayak fishing, not like fishing in a boat where you can use your legs to throw a cast. In the kayak bass fishing, you can only use the upper part of your body to place your casts. So, it is better to make your lure heavier and add weight to your line to be able to place the cast correctly.

  • Paddle silently: this tip may seem very understandable, but it is usually ignored by newbie’s. Bass can be tricky when paddling, try to paddle gently and quietly to avoid splashing, the quieter you can be the less the possibility of you scaring the fish away.
  • Don’t forget a waterproof VHF radio: In case of emergency, you will need the right tools to communicate with emergency assistance. And waterproof VHF radio will do that. Make sure you can make use of it (know the right frequencies to use) before reaching the water.
  • Always make use of life jacket (PFD): if you are kayak fishing, there is the possibility of rolling over at some point. Swimming mishaps can occur even to the best swimmers. Always use your PFD in a kayak.
  • Finally, if you are fishing in open water, you will want to make sure you are visible from all angles. Using a long piece of 3-foot PVC pole with a metallic orange flag and using some metallic silver paint around the pipe will give you the best chances of being seen from a distance. Getting the shine of the metal tape and flag when it hits sun’s rays will draw the attention of ships and boaters in your direction, alerting them of your presence. This means that they have enough time to react where you are.
kayak fishing
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