Pflueger President

Every fisherman knows that one of the most important fishing gear is the reel. Personally, I made it a point to only buy the best reel. With my years of fishing experience and knowledge of different kinds of reels, nothing exceeds the performance of my Pflueger President. It is one of those classic fishing gear that has been in use for years and will still be used for years to come. The reel is durable and flexible, it will last you many years of intense fishing. It offers the maximum durability and smooth drag required by experienced fishermen.

Outstanding features of Pflueger President

The sizes: It depends on the model you get; the Pflueger President Series goes from 6 to 8 ounces and has a line capacity of 100 to 120 yards. The lesser versions are perfect for younger children just getting started. It will be stress-free for them to handle and it will also have less probability of getting twisted up.

The Bearings: These are very important because they will control how a fishing reel truly reels. The more bearings the real has, the smoother the retrieve. Depending on the model you choose, the President Series ranges from 8 to 10 bearings. And just because some models have fewer bearings don’t mean it will disrupt the retrieval action at all. It will only make the reel easier and lighter to handle, making it the best choice for children.

You can adjust the Drag: Just like most reels, Pflueger President has its drag handle above the spool. It is well designed, which makes it very smooth. And no matter how weighty or how light you adjust your drag, you will not encounter any snag while fishing. You can close this drag and steed some fish from the deep cover. Or, you can adjust it very lightly and let the fish display a little more of its fighting abilities. The choice is yours, but it is the flexibility of the reel that makes it possible.

It has two different models: The Pflueger President now comes in two different models. There is the classic President and the XT. On lighter models, the XT is lighter than the classic model, although the weight feature disappears in bigger sizes. The XT is significantly improved in bearings and parts that will help the reel fish harder and last longer. Both are really great options for any fisherman who is looking for a good and cheap reel. Whether you choose the XT or the classic version, you can’t be wrong with the Pflueger President reel.

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