Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Shad Rap
Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Shad Rap has been around for decades, so far, its ability to hook large fish has endured the test of time. This lure mimics a wide variety of forage with its simple size and shape.  Shad Rap comes in four different sizes with every imaginable color so you can cover the water effectively from 1 to 14 feet or so.

For the last couple of decades, this lure has been the preferred lure for bass fishermen targeting bass in cold waters.  The fact that a lot of fisheries clear up during the winter, and their natural styling and delicate side to side rolling action make it visually attractive to fish.

Shad Rapp is the standard that other crankbaits are measured by. It is very similar to baitfish found all over the world, and with detailed finishes, every fisherman will surely find the perfect forage imitator. Its appeal is mainly because of its balsa wood construction. The uses of Shad Rap are many; they are also effective for cast or trolled, performing from extreme-slow presentations to extreme-fast without fault. Its accurate action, proven fish-catching patterns and, detailed finish makes this bait a “must-have” for every fisherman.


Since its introduction, Shad Rap has started its reputation as the best new lure around the world. Integrating all the good benefits of Jerking Rap into a bigger, shad body has fishermen talking. Shad Rap is designed for ice fishing; it has more obvious action, with its slow circle-down action. A fast “vibrating” movement can also be used at fixed depths.

This lure works everywhere else. Its delicate wobble makes it ideal for lethargic bass that just getting back to feeding. That natural action, profile, and colors of this bait make it an amazing follow-up lure in troubled water. Its range of size allows fishermen to cover deep areas of the bank at 12-14 feet. You can overcome difficult casting in the wind with its larger size or with the finest spinning tackle and lighter lines. In fact, there is no limitation with this lure and that is why we think it’s the best cold-water lure of all time.

The bottom line is if you are a serious bass fisherman, you need an effective lure in your tackle bag or box. The most effective bass lure that mimics life bait is this Rapala Shad Rap. This is the type of bass lure that will produce a perfect shad imitation that we hope will serve you well for many years.


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