Rapala X Rap

X-Rap is the dream lure of the twenty-first century; this is a unique lure that comes with complete flash strips. X-Raps are available in thirteen different colors and their color varies according to their body pattern.  This lure has the finest features that include striking scales and sideline on the body to catch and blaze light like a beacon.  The lure is intended for panfish and trout. With a long cast built-in system, fishing this lure will get any fishermen adrenaline pumping. The following are what make X-Raps one of the best lures in the market.

It casts a mile: when I tried this lure for the first time many years ago, I was a bit doubtful of its castability because of its size, but after my experience with the lure, I quickly became a believer. Rapala X-Rap is not a large jerkbait: the XR08 measures 3 1/8 inches and the XR10 measures 4 inches in size.

It has a unique sound: So many jerkbaits I fish with make a very loud rattling sound – when holding the hooks close to the body and shake the lure, it sounds like playing maracas. Of course, I catch fish on these jerkbaits, but there have been many cases where the unique sound of X-Rap lures catches finicky bass when they won’t touch other jerkbait.

It has amazing slashing action: It does not take long to get the hang of using this lure. You don’t need to jerk your arms much to achieve a good bite – it takes just a sharp and downward jerk of your rod tip. One of my favorite features of this lure is that it does not slip too far when you jerk it. Many jerkbaits run towards the boat at a fast pace when jerked, but X-Rap stays longer in the strike zone.

The Pros and Cons of X-Rap

Pros: In terms of durability, this lure stands out better than most others. The color and finish are covered under the body, which is made of thick plastic, so the lure is well protected even after months of active usage. The different colors option will allow you to choose your lure according to your surroundings and the kind of bass you want to catch. The lure’s random motions are very realistic and can easily be mistaken for baitfish or a wounded animal.

Cons: X-Rap dressed hook is more likely to get damage, and may lose some feathers after a few striper attacks. Its feathers can also come off if you use pliers to remove the hook from your catch.

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