Spinning Lures

Spinning Lures are metal body fishing lure designed to catch many fish. Fishermen usually cast these lures out, wait a few seconds and then retrieve the lure at a very fast speed. You can use these spinning lures from the beach, rock, boat, etc.

If you are looking for a good spinning lure, this is one of the best when it comes to spinning fishing, and in this article we will cover all the factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a spinning lures. But before we proceed, let’s assess some of the key points about spinning: what it is, its main characteristics and why it attracts fishermen.

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Spin fishing is a method in which a spinning lure is used to attract fish to bite. Spin fishing is used in fresh and salt water environments. When you fish in a river, the line should be cast upstream. Casting stream and retrieving with the recent results in the spinner lure that sinks faster. Many kinds of fish can be caught through spin fishing, but some are more liable to this method than others. The common freshwater fish effectively fished are salmon, trout, perch, and bass.

There are great varieties of spinning lures in the market. These lures are made to stimulate the senses of the fish to imitate the prey by producing a sound wave in the water for the fish to hear and flashes in the water that the fish see. You should get some spinners of different colors like chartreuse, black and white with different blades. Gold blades are good as well. Spinner lures are usually available in weedless or standard. The weedless is a good choice if you are fishing in many covers, but it is also difficult to set the hook. Add a cheater hook to catch the short striking fish.

pike caught on lure

Although fishing with metal lures is simple, once you know the fishing patterns and when to catch them, these tips will help you attract more fish with these classic lures. Just ensure that the lure you cast will fall within the capabilities of your rods. A moderate and a fast action rod will do a very good job, but the faster the rod action, the more you will be able to cast metal. Because these lures sometimes spin during the retrieve, use a barrel swivel to connect your leader to your main line. Otherwise, it will twirl your line and eventually cause a huge tangle.

Spinning lures with treble hooks makes relieving fish more difficult, and the hookset is simply not solid with a treble hook. A large Siwash hook that has more bite, allows for more secure hookers and fewer lost fish. A single hook dressed with bucktail gives the lures some an additional attraction, too.

The spinning lure is an excellent lure to deliver lightweight teasers top fish that focused on small baits. During fall, when blues, bass and albies key in on little bay anchovies or snakes eels, fishing a teaser may sometimes be the only way to get a bite. As teaser rigs increase and offering’s wind resistance, fishing teaser decreases casting distance. However, pairing teaser with metal lures will alleviate this problem and help you reach the feeding fish.


trout caught on lure
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