Spinning Fishing Reels

The spinning fishing reel is perhaps the most used reel today. From experienced fishermen to beginners, a spinning reel is the most versatile reel that can be used in any type of fishing. Whether you like casting, trolling, jigging, bobber or drifting, this is my preferred choice of all purposes reel. This reel is also known as open face reel. It line spool is open with a bail you flip to lets the line out and cast as well. These reels can be used for several kinds of fish, from walleyes to pinfish, sea bass, trout, northern pike, and many more.

You may hear about spinning reel like “fairy wands” and “sissy sticks”. A lot of newbies and beginners in fishing use this type of reel. The younger generation of anglers and fishermen started fishing with spinning reels. In fact, a lot of fishermen still prefer to buy spinning reels than others reels.

The spinning reel is perhaps the most popular kinds of fishing reel; the experience of making use of this reel is just satisfactory. These kinds of reel have a fixed spool under the rod and its line is haggard out through the weight of the bait or lure and tackle. The following are what make these reel the fishermen favorite.

spinning reel
  • Anglers use spinning reels because they are versatile. You can use it to cast various design, synthetic lure, and even live baits.

  • This lure sinks down quickly and prevents the “pendulum effect”. Also, the spinning reels can be used in saltwater and can maintain resistance against a large fish in a light line.


  • In addition, spinning reels are actually a great help for light tackle and bait as you pull the weight of the fishing line. Spinning reel doesn’t get tangles unlike other types of reels. If there are wind problems, you can still use the spinning reel.
  • If you have just started your fishing trip, then spinning reel is the best for you, because it is easier to use than other reels. You can cast the lighter lures faster and this is really amazing.

spinning fishing reel
  • Left-handed or right-handed users can as well use the spinning reel. They are available in the market with interchangeable handles to meet the user’s needs.

  • Spinning reel has an open spool with a wire loop known as the bail that helps guide the fishing line back to the spool with the tangles. When buying a spinning reel, consider the number of bearings in the crank. The more the bearing the smoother the reel will retrieve the line. At a minimum, 6 bearings in your reel will have you cranking fast without any play at all.

  • Generally, a spinning reel is a cost-effective piece of fishing equipment that will last for several years if it is properly cared for. Remove grit or dirt regularly and grease your fishing reel at least once a year to ensure you have a smooth casting and retrieving reel.

  • Finally, the drag of the spinning reel can easily be adjusted during a battle with any size of fish. Whether the drag is at the front or rear of the reel, spinning reel drags are easy to access. Therefore, this can give you a full range of adjustment, particularly during a battle with the fish.

What make this reel outstanding is it handle, if you are left-handed or right-handed, this reel does not matter because it handle is swappable between the left and the right sides to fit your needs. With other reels like baitcaster, there is no handles swapping, you either buy a dedicated left-hand model or a dedicated right-hand model and that is what you are stuck with. And also spinning reel is a good option for experienced angler looking for versatility, who may wish to fish live bait or use light artificial lures.

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