The Penn Battle II


This is one of the best reels you can purchase for your hard-earned money. One thing I love about Penn is that they have been able to keep their price point reasonable for an average fisherman, despite this, they still produce quality reels that if properly maintained, and it can last for many years. This reel comes with five sealed stainless steel bearings, anti-reverse bearing, a strong aluminum wire, a super-line spool, including line capacity rings. It needs no backing due to the rubber gasket that prevents the super lines from slipping.  By far this is the best value on the market at its price. If you are looking for a durable reel you can rely on, whether you are a weekend enthusiast fisherman or a local charter captain, Penn Battle II will not disappoint you.

Outstanding features of Penn Battle II

HT-100 drag system: The Penn II HT 100 drags system remains cool and flexible under heavy loads, giving you the versatility and power needed to subdue different kinds of hard-pulling fish species. This ground-breaking drag system uses both sides of each drag washer to provide strong, smooth drag over the whole drag curve. In addition, each drag washer is treated with branded grease to ensure long-lasting performance.

Instant Anti-Reverse System: This get rid of the backlash on the rotor when adjusting the hook. This is accomplished using a one way bearing in the reel design.

Durable aluminum bail wire: This reel has an additional heavy-duty bail wire that will survive the test of time and will not twist over a long period of time. This is important as a twisted bail will result in inferior line management.

Superline Spool with convenient rings: The reel is equipped with a gasket that stops the Superline from sliding under pressure, which means that fishermen can use a braided line without monofilament support.

Pros of the Penn Battle II

  • It provides more support when handling heavy loads
  • Provides more support because of its metal body
  • The line does not slip easily due to the rubber lining
  • It is designed to last longer than usual fishing lines
  • Prevention of instant reflection is a great help when fighting with fish.
  • Smoother and constant retrieval thanks to a techno-balanced rotor.
  • The soft-touch handle makes the reel comfortable to handle.

The Cons of the Penn Battle II

  • The size models 5000-8000 are significantly heavier. Some fishermen have reported wind knots, rough retrieval, and noise after a while. These are perhaps because the drag gets stuck, or the bearings are wearing out and maybe a loosened reel after a period of use.
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