Shimano Stradic

This is an award-winning reel, The Shimano Stradic fishing reel brings a new standard to the word durability. It comes with a shield A-RB bearings, water-resistance drag system, and sizes up to 8,000. There is not much fish that Shimano Stradic reel can’t handle. It is equipped with a maintenance port and a repairable drag clicker to make it easier to maintain your reel. Shimano Stradic reels have been popular among freshwater fishermen for years. The reel has earned this reputation due to its exceptional drag system and excellent mechanical design.

Years of fishing experience is where these tips come from and all through the years, it has been confirmed to be incredibly valuable. It has been proven through many years of combined ‘real world’ fishing experience “. None of these fishing tips offers a “magic formula” for success, but when implemented, it will make you a successful bass fisherman.

Shimano Stradic
Shimano Stradic

Outstanding features of Shimano Stradic

Construction: this reel is built with high-quality materials all round, with a few plastic parts. The handle and frame are made of sturdy aluminum with a cold forged-aluminum spool. The rotor and Side plate are made of lightweight graphite. 
Stradic weighs 9.2 ounces for a size of 2500 and is light enough for days of use without getting fatigued. The handles are paddle-shaped and traditional T depending on the size you choose.

Core protect: this feature offers you 360-degree all-weather water resistance to ensure that the reel will last a lifetime if properly taking care of.

G Free Body: the reel center of the mass has been moved closer to the rod to help improve its weight and balance in your hand. This means that you will feel the bite better, and you have a better change to battle the fish.

Drag Quality: Shimano Stradic uses a combination of both steel washers and felt to provide full drag. Even though you may not notice the difference with smaller fish, once you hook something big, you will immediately notice how smooth the pressure is all through the entire drag range, without any stuttering or jerking that is common with inferior quality reels.

Casting: This is an easy casting, flat spin level winding reel. The reel uses what Shimano refers to as the Propulsion Line Management System; this is essentially the specially designed shaped spool that allows the line to flow out of the spool effectively, resulting in the longer cast with fewer backlashes. When retrieving, you will notice a nice balance without the shake in your hands as it is common with lesser reels.

Shimano Stradic is a proven performer in this prizes category for all, from the serious hobbyist to the charter captain. If you are looking for a high-quality reel that will last for years, and perform well with everything from smaller species like trout to even larger species like Tarpon, then Stradic reel will certainly not disappoint you. With all its high-end features, it won’t disappoint when you run into a large school of willing fish. The stiff frame and handle, solid gearing combined with excellent drag system performance, make this reel the best choice for your money.

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