Saltwater Topwater Lures

Do you like saltwater fishing? If you do, then knowing the correct lures is very important for you. Whether you are fishing inshore or offshore, you must make sure you are casting with the best saltwater fishing lures and baits. Instead of spending countless hours testing different kinds of saltwater fishing baits and lures, we have communicated with some of the best fishing taking experts in the game to come up with the following list of the best saltwater topwater lures and you will not be disappointed with the results.


Poppers: poppers, also refer to as chuggers are tough plastic or wooden plugs with a flat or hollow face. When they jerked quickly, they splash, pop, and chug, which imitates prey struggling on the surface. Poppers are the perfect surface bait for target fishing. Poppers can be perfectly cast and should be work close to docks, laydowns, rocks and anything else that bass would on. Poppers are exceptional from post-spawn all through the fall. When they are retrieved randomly, the noise of a popper produces a sound similar to that of a feeding small fish or escaping shrimp that jump on the water surface, it seems an easy meal, depending on the model and the size of the lure in particular. Sometime game fish can’t ignore this sound.

spook lure

Spooks:  these sometime refer to as stick baits when they sink under when dragged strongly and speed. However, for the most part, they are cigar-shaped lures whose main action is moving side by side in a zigzag style called “walking-the-dog”. This action mimics a small mullet that feeds on the surface, or an injured minnow trying to escape, depending on the particular playing method used. There are as many variations as the fishermen. Stick baits are effective any time, but become very deadly in the fall once baitfishes have formed massive schools.

frog lure

The topwater frog: Just a few years ago, this lure was a minor player in the fishing world. This has changed dramatically when fishermen across the country began to notice their great potential in catching big fish. It also allows fishermen to access to previously uncatchable bass hidden in the heaviest vegetation. This fishing lure is made to imitate a swimming frog; it is very effective with bass, harangues, pikes, and sometimes even muskies. Depending on the design and make, some are designs to dive under when pulled quickly, mimic a frog that escapes from a threat. It is an explosive scene that is thrilling to experience bass taking topwater Frog.

crankbait lure

Crank Baits: Crankbait lures are for shallow and deep water depending on the size of the lip. They come in a variety of sizes and color, and you can fish them from the beach or a boat. Although they are great bass fishing bait at many times of the year, they seem to be very effective all through cold weather months. On almost every lake, a great place to begin crankbait fishing is where rocky points are located. Often, depths of five to ten feet in clear water are a good place to begin casting shallow running crankbaits in cold climate. The sun will heat the water faster in clear water, which will make the bass a bit more active. Crankbaits are the best choice when it comes to the best bass lures during cold weather. They are easy to work and are very deadly in off-color water.

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