Shimano Stella

Shimano Stella
Shimano Stella

Shimano Stella Reel has been called several names, including “The Premier Big Game Spinning Reel” and “King of Saltwater Spinning Reels”. This reel is considered to be a luxury reel due to its casting which is regarded as the best because of the revised line lay and the titanium lip spool. It also has the benefit of solid and smooth retrieve. The drag keeps a smooth pressure on all its settings without overheating. Stella reel belongs to the category referred to as “Super Spinners” which specifically targets the Big Game market. Let’s now take a look at the outstanding features of this reel that make it fishermen favorite.

Outstanding Features of Shimano Stella

X-Tough Drag: This feature offers between 29 to 66 lbs. of drag, depending on the Stella model you choose. In simple terms, this is the strongest drag Shimano has ever built. It is famous for providing a very strong and smooth drag to battle against tough fighting fish like amberjacks and tuna that like to run hard. The drag is made of a top stack of carbon fiber washers as well as the bottom stack that uses two carbon fiber brake washers divided by a metal washer. One good improvement over the previous model is the new seal on the drag handle, which is located further outside the spool and thus prevents water from reaching the depth of the spool as in the previous design.

X-Shield and X-Protect: These two technologies are combined to provide the best waterproof protection currently available in the market. Together, there is a series of sealing gaskets and O-rings located in the most important parts of the reel to prevent sand, water, and dirt from penetrating. Many have testified that this reel can be operated while completely submerged without water penetration which, which is amazing.

Propulsion Line Management System: The line management system consists of a longer-stroke design and a new spool lip that allows your line to easily peel off the spool during casting without any wind knots or backlashing.

Paladin gear durability improvement:  Shimano combines a specially tough brass with a cold- forged-aluminum drive gear to provide a long-lasting smoothness that Shimano is known for.

Lastly, with such great names and a reputation, Shimano Stella reel comes with a high price. If you can afford it, you will know it’s really worth the price difference compared to other high-end Shimano reels or other manufacturer’s reels. It is a superb reel, smooth, durable, and strong.

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