Kastking Assassin

This is one reel you can rely on. Kastking is famous for making fishing gear. This particular reel is economical and affordable for fishing. For its price, it offers the latest technologies that make your experience unforgettable. You can access the interior side plates of Kastking Assassin easily as they are easy to open. This is one reel that will help increase your catch and help you land those trophy fish.

Kastking Assassin
Kastking Assassin

Outstanding Features of kastking Assassin

Brakes: This reel comes with a dual braking system. It uses two unique systems to produce braking capabilities for super fine-tuning of the spool’s speed and casts control. The previous KastKing Royale centrifugal brake was a bit less refined than this present one. The previous system used pins that have to be manually slid down, or popped up. It worked well but was a little heavy to adjust. The new reel uses a dial that is better than the old system! To adjust these brakes, you must pop off the side plate then turn the dial one side or another to increase or decrease the braking power being used.

Body and frame: The design of this reel is entirely made of carbon with perfect features like side plates and a handle designed in a unique way to give it a lightweight build. It’s actually one of the lightest models Kastking has made. It is much lighter when compared to the stealth model. Although lightweight, it has enough capacity to handle bigger fish. It works perfectly and you will fish without too much fatigue.

Incredible Handle: The handle is stress-free and convenient to use. Because it is made of carbon fiber, the total weight of the reel is reduced. The handles are also very comfortable and you will not feel awkward when holding it. The material of the grips is easier to grip and control even when your hands are wet.

Gears: This reel uses very good nuts. It comes with stainless steel bearing that provides anti-reverse and 11 balls bearings that make the reel smooth during retrieve and cast. Though the gear shaft and the main ear are not brass, but aluminum, which plays an important part in reducing the weight.

Drag System: This reel comes with a very good drag system. It has 4-disc carbon fiber tournament rated at 16.5 lbs. The drag system allows for smooth operation and ensures you land most of the fish.

In conclusion, Kastking Assassin is affordable, amazing, and looks great. It has a lightweight structure and its low profile allows for a smooth, comfortable and easy cast. You can cast perfect lures easily even when the wind is drifting because of its dual braking system.

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